We have now driven right through the Old Testament part of the Bible! In the next four months Bible Drive-Thru will take you through the New.

(The September 1 devotion - "Surprise" begins our trip through the New Testatment.)

About 400 years passed between the time when Nehemiah rebuilt the Jerusalem wall (the end of the Old Testament) and when Jesus was born (the beginning of the New Testatment). Here are some of the main events that happened between the Old and New Testaments.

423 B.C. - Nehemiah, the last Old Testament character we read about, wrote his story in about 423 before Christ (B.C.). Judah was then a province of Persia. For another 100 years Judah lived under tolerant Persian kings.

336 B.C. – Meanwhile Greece was becoming strong. In 336 B.C. a young Greek soldier named Alexander the Great led a fierce army. He quickly gained control of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Persia. When he invaded Palestine in 332 B.C. he spared Jerusalem and was kind to the Jewish people.

"Alexander the Great in the Temple of Jerusalem" by Sebastiano Conca, 1750

323 B.C. – After Alexander the Great died, his four army generals divided the lands he had conquered. Judah was ruled by the Kings of Egypt called Ptolemies. The next 100 years were mostly peaceful and happy.

198 B.C. - In 198 B.C. Antiochus III of Syria defeated Egypt and took control of Palestine.

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