The City of Caesarea

Map of the city of Caesarea, the seaport city in Ancient Israel where Philip lived.


The city of Caesarea for Little Kids

This map shows the city known as Caesarea in the land of ancient Israel.

Caesarea was located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Herod the Great built the city up and made it very strong and he named it Caesarea in honor of Augustus Caesar. Philip the evangelist lived here, and so did Cornelius the Roman centurion. Caesarea was roughly 70 miles northwest of Jerusalem and was frequently visited on the road from Tyre to the land of Egypt.

Now you know where the seaport city of Caesarea is!

Geography and ancient cities are important to study as we learn from the Bible, let's pray:

Dear Jesus, thank you for the Bible and for giving us the ability to learn about history. Help us to trust and obey you more and more each day. And help us to remember the things we learn from your Word. In Jesus name... Amen!

Map of the ancient seaport city of Caesarea in the nation of Israel
Map of the region of Caesarea

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