The Town of Nain

Map of the town of Nain where Jesus raised the widow's son back to life

Luke 7:11 - Soon after that, Jesus went to the town of Nain. His disciples and many other people went with him.


The location of Nain for Little Kids

This map shows the town of Nain where Jesus visited brought a widow's son back to life!

The Bible says that Jesus was saddened when he entered the town and saw that a widowed woman's only son had died. He told her not to cry, then commanded her son to get up--and he did!

Now you know where the town of Nain is, where Jesus raised the widow's son back to life.

Luke 7:14-15 - Jesus cam and touched the thing on which the body lay. The men who were carrying it stopped walking. Jesus said, "Young man, I tell you, get up!" The dead man sat up and began to talk. Jesus gave him to his mother.

Geography and ancient cities are important to study as we learn from the Bible, let's pray:

Dear Jesus, thank you for the Bible and for giving us the ability to learn about history. Help us to trust and obey you more and more each day. And help us to remember the things we learn from your Word. In Jesus name... Amen!

Map of Nain where Jesus brought the widow's son back to life
Map of the town of Nainm

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