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This map shows Jerusalem, the largest list of places is on the right.

Geography and Bible Places. The Bible reveals that God gave the whole earth to his children, his highest GEOGRAPHY is a word that comes from two Greek words meaning "describe the world," and so geography is all about the study of the EARTH in every detail. Geography also examines a timeline of history, because all of history happened in certain places and at certain times. This website was designed to help you learn the geography of the places mentioned in the Bible.

Ancient Assyrian Man with BeardAncient Bible Places. The Bible deals with real people, real places, and real events. If you were able to journey back in time to visit the ancient world, these places would look a lot different than they do today. Today, people drive in cars, the streets are paved, and filled with traffic lights. Back in the ancient times of the Bible everything was different, people had to travel on animals or most of the time on foot! There were caravans with all kinds of people, camels, horses, donkeys, and other animals, and they traveled long journeys along the roads, and up and down the hills, and across deserts. The cities were also different, the houses and the streets looked entirely different than today. When you study and read the Bible, remember that the world looks a lot different now than it did during ancient times.

Maps and Bible Places. It is always good to have a map nearby when you are studying the Bible. Jesus traveled to many places, some were small villages like Bethany and some were big cities like Jerusalem. A good Bible map will reveal the names of various places in the ancient world, places that were visited by Jesus, and by Paul the apostle, and other apostles. Maps can reveal a great many things, like distances between cities, mountains, rivers, and just a good visual perspective of where things were, and even the terrain of each area.

Before studying the Bible it is good to pray and ask God for wisdom, because it is His Book and only he can teach us what it really means, let's pray:

Dear Jesus, we thank you for the Bible, and we thank you that you care about us and you want us to learn so that we can draw closer to you and so we can be more like you. Open our eyes that we may learn how to be more like you, and please give us a good understanding of how it was in Bible times. We want to understand YOUR Bible. In Jesus name... Amen!


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