The Region of Decapolis

Map of the region of Decapolis the 10 city district revitalized by Rome in the land of Israel


The region of Decapolis for Little Kids

This map shows the region known as Decapolis in the land of ancient Israel.

The region of Decapolis was mentioned three times in the Bible. It contained ten cities that were rebuilt and given special treatment under the Roman Empire. The original 10 cities are believed to be Scythopolis, Hippos, Gadara, Philadelphia, Pella, Gerasa, Dion, Canatha, Damascus, and Raphana. Decapolis was a well populated region during ancient times, but there aren't many inhabitants there today.

Now you know where the ten city region of Decapolis is!

Geography and ancient cities are important to study as we learn from the Bible, let's pray:

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Map of the ten city region of Decapolis in the nation of Israel
Map of the region of Decapolis

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