The Evolution of Brake Parts: From Ancient History to Modern Innovations

The Evolution of Brake Parts: From Ancient History to Modern Innovations image is a leading supplier of braking pads and rotors to customers in North America, and we are committed to providing the best products. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing superior quality products, customer-oriented services, and timely deliveries in the automotive parts market. In this post, we will provide an insight into the historical background of brake parts, the development of their technologies, and why our products are so special in the present market. The braking systems are one of the most important inventions that have been developed over the years and have been around since the early ages. The use of brakes can be traced back to the early ages of civilization, and the early modes of transport were equipped with the simplest forms of brakes. The Egyptians, who were very creative people, were among the first to invent a braking mechanism for chariots. These early brakes were made from wooden blocks that were applied to the wheels to slow down the vehicle through friction. This basic principle of using friction to control motion paved the way for modern braking systems. Brake technology has undergone several changes over the years to meet the needs of the consumers and the demands...

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From Vision to Completion: The Comprehensive Guide to Home Renovation and Remodeling

From Vision to Completion: The Comprehensive Guide to Home Renovation and Remodeling image

Home maintenance and transforming are extra than just methods; they're transformative journeys that breathe new life into your living areas. At Primo Contracting, we apprehend that each assignment is a unique mirrored image of our purchaser's tastes, personalities, histories, and goals. With over two decades of revel in within the Greater Toronto Area and past, we have honed our craft to supply first-rate excellent and carrier in every project we undertake. This complete manual will take you thru the tiers of home upkeep and transforming with Primo Contracting, enriched with charming insights into the historical records of production and layout. Step 1: Initial Consultation and Vision Setting Every successful protection or transforming venture begins with a clean imaginative and prescient. Our system begins with an initial session in which we sit down with you to recognize your desires, preferences, and price range. Whether you are trying to modernize your kitchen, add a brand new room, or completely overhaul your private home, we tailor our technique to satisfy your particular needs. Ancient Inspiration: The Great Pyramids of GizaThe idea of meticulous making plans and vision setting may be traced again to historical instances. The Great Pyramids of Giza, constructed round 4,500 years in...

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Don’t Get Soaked! Preparing Your Roof for the Canadian Winter

Don’t Get Soaked! Preparing Your Roof for the Canadian Winter image

As Canadians, we're no strangers to iciness's wrath. Blizzards, freezing rain, and heavy snowstorm can all take a toll on our houses, especially our roofs. But worry no longer! By taking a few proactive steps now, you can make certain your roof is prepared to climate the typhoon (literally!). This manual will equip you with the know-how to put together your roof for the Canadian winter, drawing proposal from historical constructing practices and supplying cutting-edge answers. A Roof Through Time: Lessons from the Past The idea of sheltering ourselves from the factors stretches back millennia. Ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, as an instance, used flat roofs product of mudbrick and bitumen, a water-proof fabric derived from natural asphalt. These roofs had been designed to shed rain and prevent leaks, a essential principle that also applies to fashionable roofing. Fast forward to the Roman Empire, where pitched roofs made of terracotta tiles were a common sight. The angled design allowed for higher drainage of rain and snow, a crucial edition for the area's climate. These historical examples spotlight the significance of each waterproofing and proper drainage in roof construction, training that continue to be relevant nowadays. The Canadian Winter Challenge Canada's...

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Pros & Cons of epoxy tables

Epoxy tables, often celebrated for their aesthetic appeal and durability, have become a popular choice in modern furniture design. They are particularly favored for their versatility and the creative possibilities they offer. However, like any material choice, epoxy has its advantages and disadvantages. In this discussion, we'll explore the pros and cons of epoxy tables in detail, covering aspects from their manufacturing process to their everyday use and long-term sustainability. Pros of Epoxy Tables 1. Unique Aesthetic and Customization One of the most striking benefits of epoxy tables is their stunning visual appeal. Epoxy resin can be used to encapsulate objects, colors, and even scenes in a layer of clear or tinted resin, creating a look that is entirely unique. This allows for personalization and customization unmatched in other table materials. Artists and designers can incorporate elements such as leaves, shells, stones, and even metallic flakes, which can be arranged in countless artistic patterns. 2. Durability and Resistance Epoxy resin is remarkably durable and hardwearing. Once cured, it forms a hard, protective surface that is highly resistant to impacts, scratches, and most types of environmental wear and tear. It is also water-resistant, making epoxy tables ideal for use in high-moisture environments like kitchens...

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Benefits of buying new property in Paphos

Purchasing new property in Paphos offers a myriad of benefits, ranging from investment potential and lifestyle advantages to tax incentives and residency options. This article explores the numerous advantages of buying new property in this picturesque region of Cyprus. Best property developers in Paphos 1. Investment Potential Paphos is a region that continues to see robust growth in its real estate market. The demand for new properties in Paphos is fueled by both local and international buyers. This surge is driven by the area's economic stability, continuous infrastructural development, and its appeal as a tourist destination. Investing in a new property in Paphos can yield significant returns through capital appreciation over the years. Moreover, new constructions are often equipped with modern amenities that meet the current market demands, making them more attractive for resale or rental. 2. Rental Opportunities With its status as a popular tourist and expatriate destination, Paphos offers excellent rental opportunities for property owners. The influx of tourists throughout the year ensures that there are few off-peak seasons, allowing for consistent rental income. New properties, particularly those close to the beaches, archaeological sites, and other tourist attractions, can command higher rental rates. Additionally, properties that are part of managed complexes often...

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Voices of Care: How to Advocate for a Friend or Family Member with an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders do not only affect the person who has it. Friends and family try to be supportive but are often met with such challenges as anger and denial. It may be difficult to see your loved one hurt themselves this way. Be quick to notice the signs of someone you care about and act promptly. The earlier the help, the better the chance of recovery. Remember to help yourself.  Joining family therapy or a support group can help. This helps keep both your physical and emotional health strong. And it prepares you to be there for your loved one. Understanding Eating Disorders Eating disorders are tough mental health issues with big physical and emotional effects. People with these disorders pay a lot of attention to food and body image. They usually take risky behaviors and may either under eat or lose weight too fast. One ought to understand this to identify the problem early and get the proper assistance by looking out for the signs and symptoms, types of eating disorders, causes, and risk factors. Signs and Symptoms People with an eating disorder eat very little or eat excessively. They make themselves throw up or exercise a lot. They also worry a lot about how...

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Security and Freedom: 10 Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

In today's digital world, where online security and privacy play an increasingly important role, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are becoming an indispensable tool for many users. While in the past VPNs were primarily used in the corporate world, today they are popular among individuals seeking to ensure their online security and anonymity. In this article, we'll look at 10 key reasons why using a VPN may be important for you. 1. Protection of Personal Data One of the main advantages hidevpn is its ability to protect your personal data. When you connect to the internet through a VPN, all of your internet traffic is encrypted, making it impossible for cybercriminals to intercept or interfere with your communications. This is especially important when using public Wi-Fi networks, where the risk of hacking and data theft is much higher. 2. Bypass Geographic Blockings Many online services, such as video streaming platforms or social networks, restrict access to their content in certain regions. Using a VPN,you can easily bypass these geo-blocks by connecting to servers in other countries and accessing the content you need. 3. Anonymity on the Internet A VPN also keeps you anonymous online by hiding your real IP address behind the VPN server's IP address....

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Choosing the First Communion Dress

Choosing the First Communion Dress image

As the day of my daughter’s First Communion drew near, I knew finding the perfect dress would be no easy feat. This was a momentous occasion, a sacred milestone in my daughter's faith journey, and I wanted nothing more than for Sarah to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident as she took her first steps towards the altar. Together, we scoured the racks at local shops, sifting through an array of white lace, satin, and chiffon. Sarah would hold each dress up to herself, scrutinizing the fit and style, before shaking her head and moving on. Emily could see the growing frustration in her daughter's eyes, the pressure of this decision weighing heavily. One afternoon, as they were about to give up, google offered me to visit online store with custom made communion dresses. »Let's try online shopping, okay?" I said. We found a simple, yet elegant gown - cotton eyelet lace with delicate embroidered flowers cascading down the skirt. Sarah's eyes lit up the moment she saw it. "It's perfect," she whispered and we sent the measurements to the manager’s shop. When the packages arrived, Sarah's eyes lit up the moment she saw it.When she tried it on, a serene smile spreading across her...

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Unveiling the Legacy of Tiberius: Exploring the Accomplishments and Facts of Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus

Unveiling the Legacy of Tiberius: Exploring the Accomplishments and Facts of Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus image

In the world of ancient Rome, few figures stand as enigmatic as Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus. From his commanding presence immortalized in Tiberius busts to the intrigue surrounding his reign, Tiberius continues to fascinate historians and enthusiasts alike. Today, we delve into the life and accomplishments of this complex emperor, shedding light on the lesser-known facts that shaped his legacy. One of the most striking representations of Tiberius is found in the exquisite Tiberius busts that have survived through the ages. These sculptures capture his stern yet contemplative visage, offering a glimpse into the personality of a ruler whose reign marked a pivotal period in Roman history. Beyond the artistry of Tiberius busts, his reign was marked by significant accomplishments and controversies. As the successor to Augustus, Tiberius inherited an empire in transition, and his policies shaped its trajectory. His efforts to maintain stability and fiscal responsibility earned him praise, yet his strict governance style and rumored excesses led to speculation and intrigue. Delving deeper, it's essential to explore the lesser-known facts about Tiberius. Despite his reputation for austerity, he was a patron of the arts and literature, fostering cultural development during his rule. However, his later years were marred by accusations of...

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Style Meets Sustainability: The WallTerra Guide to Eco-Conscious Interior Design

Style Meets Sustainability: The WallTerra Guide to Eco-Conscious Interior Design image

In today's world, where environmental consciousness is paramount, interior design is no longer just about aesthetics. We, at WallTerra, understand that you crave spaces that are not only beautiful but also kind to the planet. This is where the exciting realm of eco-conscious design emerges – a philosophy that weaves style and sustainability together seamlessly. But eco-friendly design isn't a newfangled concept. Did you know that some of the earliest examples of sustainable building practices can be traced back to ancient civilizations? In Mesopotamia, around 6,700 BC, people used sun-dried mudbricks to construct their dwellings. These bricks offered excellent insulation, keeping homes cool in the scorching summers and warm during the harsh winters – a testament to passive heating and cooling principles that are still relevant today! Fast forward to the present day, and eco-conscious design has become more important than ever. Here at, we're passionate about helping you create a stylish and sustainable haven. Here's your ultimate guide to incorporating eco-friendly elements into your interior design: 1. Embrace the Power of Natural Materials: Nature provides a treasure trove of sustainable materials that are not only beautiful but also durable. Opt for furniture crafted from reclaimed wood, bamboo, or cork. These materials boast...

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The Historical Evolution of Classic Eyelashes: Ancient Origins to Modern Trends

The Historical Evolution of Classic Eyelashes: Ancient Origins to Modern Trends image

Did you know that the concept of enhancing eyelashes dates back centuries, with roots in ancient civilizations? While today we think of classic eyelashes extensions as a modern beauty trend, their origins are deeply intertwined with cultural practices and historical innovations. In historic Egypt, both men and women sought to beautify their eyes' beauty, believing it to be a mirrored image in their soul. Egyptians used a whole lot of substances, which include kohl and malachite, to darken and define their lashes, creating an desirable look that symbolized safety and mystique. These early techniques laid the muse for the artwork of eyelash enhancement that continues to evolve nowadays. Throughout records, extraordinary cultures have advanced their very own techniques of beautifying the eyes. In the Middle Ages, for example, ladies used concoctions crafted from herbs and berries to tint their lashes, whilst inside the Elizabethan generation, intricate fake lashes crafted from human hair had been a symbol of wealth and status. The modern idea of eyelash extensions as we recognize them today commenced to take shape within the early 20th century. Hollywood actresses like Clara Bow and Greta Garbo popularized the dramatic, doe-eyed look, inspiring ladies around the sector to are looking for approaches...

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The Timeless Allure of Art Deco Jewelry

The Timeless Allure of Art Deco Jewelry image

Welcome, jewelry fanatics, to a remarkable exploration of the undying appeal of Art Deco jewelry—a fascinating fusion of glamour, sophistication, and geometric elegance that maintains to encourage and enthrall fashionistas around the globe. The Art Deco motion emerged inside the early 20th century, achieving its zenith during the Roaring Nineteen Twenties and the glamorous Jazz Age. Characterized with the aid of formidable geometric shapes, smooth lines, and lavish ornamentation, Art Deco jewelry contemplated the dynamic spirit of the generation—a robust cocktail of modernity, luxury, and optimism. One charming aspect of Art Deco jewelry is its numerous range of affects, drawing proposal from a myriad of sources such as historical civilizations, exceptional cultures, and technological improvements. From the colourful hues and complex motifs of Egyptian Revival earrings to the smooth lines and streamlined sorts of the Machine Age, Art Deco designers embraced innovation and experimentation, growing portions that exuded a feel of undying glamour and class. During the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties, Art Deco earrings reached the top of recognition, decorating the necks, wrists, and hands of fashionable women from Paris to New York. Hollywood starlets, socialites, and trendsetters embraced Art Deco rings as the epitome of current elegance, showcasing their impeccable flavor and...

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Illuminate Your Production with Fascinating Lighting Equipment for Rent at SP Studios!

Illuminate Your Production with Fascinating Lighting Equipment for Rent at SP Studios! image

Did you know that the history of lighting equipment in filmmaking traces back to the early 19th century? It's true! The earliest forms of lighting for film were simple gas lamps and sunlight, often supplemented with reflectors to control the direction of light. But oh, how far we've come since then! Here at SP Studios, we're proud to offer an impressive array of cutting-edge lighting equipment for rent, guaranteed to elevate the visual quality of your next project. From the iconic ARRI SkyPanels to the innovative Aputure fixtures, our selection boasts some of the finest gear in the filmmaking industry. But let's delve into some rare facts about lighting equipment that you might not know: The Birth of the Fresnel Lens: Ever wondered why many professional lights use Fresnel lenses? It's because these lenses, invented by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel in the early 19th century, allow for the creation of powerful yet focused beams of light, perfect for highlighting subjects on set.LED Revolution: While LED lighting might seem like a modern innovation, its roots actually stretch back to the early 1960s when Nick Holonyak Jr. developed the first practical visible-spectrum LED. Today, Light-emitting diode technology has revolutionized the industry with its energy efficiency, versatility, and color...

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Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Our Ex Partners

Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Our Ex Partners image

Dreams about ex partners are incredibly common. In fact, up to 50% of people have dreams about their exes. But what do these dreams actually mean? When it comes to interpreting the deeper meaning of dreams, the Bible can provide some fascinating insight. There are a number of biblical passages that relate to dreams and their symbolism. Biblical Interpretation of Dreams About Your Ex Dreaming of an ex can bring up a lot of emotions, but according to the Bible, it's usually nothing to be alarmed about. The most common interpretation is that dreaming of an ex signifies unfinished business or unresolved feelings. It's your subconscious mind's way of working through lingering emotions or thoughts about the relationship. However, if your ex seems angry, manipulative, or threatening in the dream, it may indicate you have some anxiety, hurt, or distrust still hanging around that needs to be addressed. The Bible says we should forgive others for their wrongs, so consider praying for the courage and willingness to forgive your ex completely. This can help bring you inner peace. On the other hand, dreaming of an ex in a positive light, like reminiscing about good times together or even getting back together, can mean you miss...

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Dive into the Visual Powerhouse: Pikwizard - Your One-Stop Shop for Free Photos

Dive into the Visual Powerhouse: Pikwizard - Your One-Stop Shop for Free Photos image

In today's digital landscape, captivating visual content reigns supreme. From blog posts and social media campaigns to presentations and website design, powerful images have the unparalleled ability to engage audiences, boost brand recognition, and elevate your message. That's where Pikwizard, a treasure trove of over one million free stock photos, steps in as your secret weapon. Unlocking the Power of Visual Storytelling: Gone are the days of pixelated, generic images. Pikwizard understands the importance of quality and variety, offering a diverse collection that spans across industries, themes, and styles. Imagine finding the perfect picture for your travel blog, design portfolio, or marketing campaign - all without spending a dime! Whether you're seeking breathtaking landscapes, authentic lifestyle shots, or sleek product images, Pikwizard has you covered. Navigating the Ocean of Free Images with Ease: With such a vast library, finding the right photo can feel daunting. But fear not! Pikwizard boasts an intuitive search bar that allows you to pinpoint specific keywords and themes. For more targeted exploration, delve into their extensive categories, ranging from popular choices like "Business" and "Nature" to niche options like "Food" and "Green Screen." Say goodbye to endless scrolling; Pikwizard empowers you to discover the perfect visual gem efficiently. Free, unrestricted,...

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Winter Wonderland: Embracing the Fun When the School Bell Doesn’t Ring

Winter Wonderland: Embracing the Fun When the School Bell Doesn’t Ring image

With a dusting of snow on the ground and a crisp chill in the air, winter transforms our landscapes into frosted wonderlands. But for children (and perhaps some adults too!), the magic truly unfolds when those two beautiful words hit the airwaves: "School closure due to snow!" But before you bundle up and dash outside, take a moment to plan for a day of wintry fun. Here are some exciting activities and games to turn a school closure into an unforgettable adventure, all while keeping the educational spark alive: Winter Olympics... in Your Backyard! Channel your inner athlete with DIY winter sports. Organize a sledding race down the biggest hill in your neighborhood, complete with times recorded using a handy stopwatch app (bonus points for using a winter-themed school closing calculator website to estimate windchill and calculate the ideal sledding temperature!). Build a snowman family and have a snowball fight, keeping score with points awarded for creativity and accuracy. For older kids, a friendly game of ice hockey on a frozen pond (with adult supervision, of course!) is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Nature's Art Studio: Winter landscapes offer a treasure trove of inspiration for budding artists and scientists. Encourage your children to collect...

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Navigating the Realm of Sociology Essays: A Guide for Students

Navigating the Realm of Sociology Essays: A Guide for Students image

Sociology, the study of society, human behavior, and social systems, is a fascinating and dynamic field. However, writing sociology essays can be a daunting task, requiring a deep understanding of sociological concepts, theories, and methodologies. If you're struggling to tackle your sociology essay assignments, don't fret – you're not alone. Many students seek assistance from reputable sociology essay writing services to enhance their academic performance. The Essence of Sociology Essays Sociology essays delve into various social phenomena, examining their causes, effects, and implications. They often explore topics such as social inequality, social stratification, social movements, and cultural diversity. Effective sociology essays are well-structured, well-argued, and supported by strong evidence. They demonstrate a clear understanding of sociological theories and methodologies, and they effectively analyze and interpret social data. Seeking Assistance for Sociology Essays If you're facing difficulties in writing your sociology essays, consider seeking assistance from a reliable sociology essay writing service. These services provide expert writers who possess in-depth knowledge of sociology and can assist you with various aspects of essay writing, including: Topic selection and research: They can help you choose a relevant and interesting topic, conduct thorough research, and gather credible sources.Essay structure and argumentation: They can guide you in crafting a clear...

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Elevate Your Jewelry Business with Expert Product Photography in Toronto

Elevate Your Jewelry Business with Expert Product Photography in Toronto image

Are you a jewelry business in Toronto looking to outshine local competitors and captivate your clients with the elegance and allure of your pieces? Look no further – StylePhotos Toronto offers expert jewelry product photography that will set your brand apart in the digital landscape. Innovative Techniques to Distinguish Your Jewelry: Tabletop Photography: A time-honored technique perfect for catalogs, presentations, and online platforms.3D-Visualization: An evolution of tabletop photography providing a three-dimensional perspective, enhancing photo realism.360-Degree Photography: Ideal for showcasing a comprehensive view of your jewelry, emphasizing each facet and gemstone clarity.Model Photography: Bring your jewelry to life with real-world appeal by featuring it on models.Focus on Specific Body Areas: Highlight intricate details by focusing on specific body parts, such as a model's hand to showcase a ring.Shiny Bokeh: Create a magical, festive aura with a shimmering background, perfect for social media platforms like Instagram.In-Package Photography: Captivate attention with visually appealing packaging, instantly differentiating your product. Benefits of Investing in Jewelry Photography: Choosing StylePhotos for your jewelry imagery allows you to: Engage Your Toronto Audience Deeply: Connect with your local clientele on a personal level.Increase Sales: High-quality imagery leads to increased customer interest and conversions.Realize Cutting-Edge Ideas: Bring your creative vision to life with skilled photographers.Cost...

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Embark on a Journey of Discovery: The Thrill of Orienteering and Active Recreation with a Free Web Compass

Embark on a Journey of Discovery: The Thrill of Orienteering and Active Recreation with a Free Web Compass image

Are you tired of the mundane routine and seeking a break from the ordinary? Look no further! In the world of travel, active recreation, and orienteering, there lies an exhilarating adventure waiting to unfold. Whether you're an avid explorer or someone looking to spice up your vacation, these activities offer a perfect blend of physical activity, mental stimulation, and a deep connection with nature. And the best part? Enhance your orienteering experience with a free web compass, guiding you through the unknown. Orienteering: Navigating the Unknown with a Free Web Compass Orienteering is not just a sport; it's a dynamic journey that combines athleticism and strategy. Participants use maps and compasses to navigate through unfamiliar terrain, relying on their wits and skills to reach designated checkpoints. With the convenience of a free web compass, you can enhance your navigation abilities, making the experience even more thrilling.Active Recreation: Beyond the Ordinary Break free from the confines of a sedentary lifestyle and embrace the world of active recreation. Whether it's hiking through rugged trails, mountain biking down thrilling slopes, or kayaking through pristine waters, the options are endless. Active recreation not only provides an adrenaline rush but also allows you to appreciate the beauty of...

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Special Creation

TODAY'S SPECIAL: Read: Genesis 1:24-2:2 TO CHEW ON: "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." (Genesis 1:27) This is a detail from a painting by Michelangelo called "The Creation of Adam." It is Michelangelo's idea of God (on the right), reaching out to touch Adam with the spark of life. How are people different from other things God created? 1. They walk upright?2. They talk?3. God created them in His image? Did you pick 3? But what does it mean to have God's image? When God created the first humans they they were pure and sinless. That’s part of having the image of God. But even after the first man and woman sinned, God’s image was still in people. It set them apart from the rest of creation. Here are some ways: - People have creativity. They can draw, sing, build....

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From Moons to Mollusks

TODAY'S SPECIAL: Read: Genesis 1:14-34 TO CHEW ON: "...And God saw that it was good.... And God saw that it was good." (Genesis 1:18 & 21) Not only can God make something out of nothing. He is also full of original and interesting ideas. There is variety in the planets, stars, galaxies, moons and meteors of space. Think about the assortment of birds and animals that live on land. And then there’s the teeming life in the sea. Can you name these fishy creatures? (Use the pictures below)...

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...haven’t I seen this before?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you've been following Kids Bible Maps in the past, you'll notice that the posts are the same. In other words, January 1, 2017 is the same as January 1, 2016. Maybe one of these years I'll write some more new devotions for kids. Until then, I hope you enjoy the second (and third) helpings!...

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TODAY'S SPECIAL: Read: Genesis 1:1-13 TO CHEW ON: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1) What does it mean to create:1. Arrange things in an original way?2. Cause something to come into existence?3. Change something so it doesn’t look like the original thing? I’m sure you’ll agree it’s 2. We do call people who put things together in interesting ways creative, but to create means to bring something into existence which didn’t exist before. People explain how the sun, moon, stars and earth came into existence in different ways. Some believe it was through the big bang – a cosmic explosion – and that all life evolved from a single-cell after that. (In order for this explanation to make sense, we need to go back to that first step and ask who made the things that exploded and that single cell in the first place?)...

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Your Story

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Acts 22:1-21 TO CHEW ON: “Brothers and fathers, listen now to my defense.” Acts 22:1 About a week after Paul got to Jerusalem he was arrested. Some Jewish leaders from the cities he had traveled to earlier saw him in the Jerusalem temple. Now they set the whole crowd against him. Soon there was another riot as bad as the one in Ephesus. The crowd became so violent Roman soldiers had to rescue Paul or he would have been killed. The soldiers tied him up with chains. They thought someone who got the crowd so angry must be a very bad person. Then they carried him to jail. Just before Paul was taken into the jailhouse, he asked for permission to talk to the angry crowd....

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Your Best

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Ephesians 6:6-9 TO CHEW ON: "Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men, because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does." Ephesians 6:7,9 “No TV until your room is clean,” Mom announces one Saturday morning. Your room is a total mess. After you spend a few minutes trying to tidy it, you know it’s hopeless. So you take everything that’s cluttering up your floor and desk, and either slip it under the bed or pile it in the closet. Once you’ve closed the closet door and made your bed, your room looks great. Everyone is impressed - until Mom inspects it. In no time you’re back in your room and hard at work! Though we may sometimes get away with doing a half-hearted job for people, we can never fool God. He sees our attitude and knows if we’ve really done our best. When we do our best, we may not get compliments and thanks from people. But God sees and someday He’ll reward us for jobs well done. Knowing He is watching is the best reason to do our best in everything....

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Yoked Together

TODAY’S SPECIAL: 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 TO CHEW ON: "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?" 2 Corinthians 6:14 In Bible times, teams of oxen were used to do farm work, like pull a plow. A heavy wooden yoke was placed on the necks two oxen. The yoke was attached with leather straps to the plow. Together the oxen pulled the plow, while the plowman walked behind them working the plow parts and breaking the ground. This yoke kept the oxen moving and pulling in the same direction....

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Yes Lord!

TODAY’S SPECIAL: 1 Kings 18:1-15 TO CHEW ON: "After a long time, in the third year, the word of the Lord came to Elijah: 'Go and present yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the land.' So Elijah went to present himself to Ahab." 1 Kings 18:1,2 Obadiah had a tough job and an evil boss. His job was to be in charge of the palace in Samaria, where Ahab and Jezebel ruled. What made this especially hard was the fact that Obadiah loved and obeyed God. His boss, Ahab, didn’t. Because Obadiah loved God, he did a dangerous thing. When Queen Jezebel was killing all the prophets of God, he sneaked one hundred of them away and hid them so they were safe. The last while had been hard for King Ahab. Three years passed from when Elijah came to him and said there would be no rain. By now the land was completely scorched, the grass yellow, the plants brown and shriveled. This day Ahab sent Obadiah out to look for any patches of grass left where animals could graze....

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X-ray Book

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Hebrews 4:12,13 TO CHEW ON: "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12 You have just fallen off your skate board. But even after you cleaned up your scraped arm it keeps hurting. Then it begins to swell. What do you do?- Take a pain pill to make the pain go away?- Wrap it in a sling and keep it very still?- Go to the doctor for an examination and an x-ray? You may do the first two. But chances are if the pain doesn’t go away, you’ll do the last one too. Though a pill and keeping your arm still may help make the pain less for a little while, those things don’t tell you the reason for the pain so you can fix the cause. An x-ray picture, on the other hand, will show the doctor what happened inside your arm. If it shows your arm is broken, the doctor can move the bone pieces back together (set it), and put your arm in a cast to protect it and help it...

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Wise Wish

TODAY’S SPECIAL: 1 Kings 3:5-15 TO CHEW ON: "The Lord was pleased that Solomon had asked for this." 1 Kings 3:10 Suppose one day God came to you and said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” What would you ask for? This very thing happened to young Solomon. It was in the beginning of his reign. He was about twenty years old and he didn’t have much experience. Every day he realized more what a big job it was to be king. One night he had a dream. In that dream God said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” Think of all of the things for which Solomon could have asked. Can you list some?...

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Wise Child

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Luke 2: 39-52 TO CHEW ON: "And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom and the grace of God was on him." Luke 2:40 Jesus’ family spent a few years in Egypt. One night God told Joseph in a dream that it was now safe to go back home. So Joseph, Mary and Jesus traveled back to live in Nazareth where Joseph and Mary had lived before Jesus was born. Every year, Jesus’ family went to the temple in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. The year Jesus was 12, his parents were already on their way home when they realized Jesus wasn’t with them or their friends. When they went back to Jerusalem, they found Him in the temple. 4. He was __________ (gnitlsnei) and 5. ___________ ( isgkan) questions. (Luke 2:46) “Why did you look for me?” he asked his anxious parents. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” Of course, they didn’t understand that the Father He was talking about was God. "Jesus Found in the Temple" (Standard Bible Story Readers Book One) After this, though He knew He had a special job to do on earth, He went home and obeyed His earthly parents...

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