TODAY’S SPECIAL: John 13:18-30

TO CHEW ON: 'Very truly I tell you, one of you is going to betray me.'” - Jesus, John 13:21

  • Your brother promises to wait for you after school, but then walks home without you.
  • You tell your best friend a secret and ask her not to tell anyone. But the next day you find that five people in your class know your secret.
  • Your baseball team has its own signals. One day you play a team that knows exactly what each of your signals means.

You have been betrayed! Whether betrayal comes from someone disappointing you, telling your secrets or helping your enemy, being betrayed is not fun.

"My Betrayer Is Here" - Artist unknown

Jesus was betrayed too. His betrayer came to the garden where He was praying. He came with soldiers who were planning to arrest Jesus.

1. Who was the traitor? (John 18:1-6)
a)____ John
b)____ Peter
c)____ Judas.

2. How did he betray Jesus: (Mark 14:43-46)
a)____ He spread bad stories about Jesus all around town.
b)____ He lost the money bag he was in charge of.
c)____ He kissed Jesus to show the soldiers which person to arrest

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